Smadar  Dekel Naim

Smadar Dekel Naim



Havaya Legal Unit, Israel Hofsheet

Smadar is a lawyer specializing in mediation and conflict resolution, an expert in Israeli Family Law. Smadar combines Law practice & Mediation with social and cultural activity in Israeli Jewish Renewal, as an officiator of Wedding Ceremonies at “Havaya” in “Israel Hofseet” – “Be Free Israel”. Smadar strives to create a legal and cultural solution for marriage and divorce in Israel. She promotes civil marriage and private-lawful weddings, by officiating ceremonies and raising awareness among young couples on the legal and cultural alternatives of marriage in Israel. Smadar is a speaker and advocates for a full Legislation Law Reform. Smadar leads the "Havaya Legal Unit", and has served as the organization's Ceo during 2010-2015. Smadar is a blogger in an Israeli leading women website - "Saloona". Her blog deals with issues of gender, culture, law and the religion & state conflict in Israel.  Smadar holds an LLB degree from IDC, and an LLM degree (expertise in ADR) from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.