2022 International Lion of Judah Conference

The Lions of Judah Celebrate 50 Years of Extraordinary Impact

Join us at the International Lion of Judah Conference (ILOJC) – December 11-13, 2022 - the premier gathering of dynamic, philanthropic Jewish women from across the globe. At this year’s ILOJC, our extraordinary sisterhood also celebrates 50 years of building flourishing Jewish communities worldwide – as together, we begin shaping how our Jewish communities can flourish for the next 50. We’ll start with the most critical issues both our domestic and global communities currently face.

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Here’s what’s on the agenda:

The mental health of our communities.

As we continue to reopen post-pandemic, the mental health issues that were both revealed and exacerbated by the pandemic – particularly with our young people – take center stage. We’ll hear from thought leaders and experts within the field. And we’ll explore how, despite the critical shortage and the affordability of mental health care professionals, we can provide maximum support to our communities and help to alieve this crisis and better recognize the stressors young people face.

The continuing rise of violent antisemitism.

The next 50 years of flourishing Jewish communities, depend on the ability of all our people to safely and securely participate in Jewish life. Together, we will dive into this crucial challenge and examine what actions we can take to make a significant impact here at home and worldwide.

Answering the critical needs of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced tens of thousands of our extended Jewish family to flee their homes, and tens of thousands more to be displaced. They’re calling on us to help them rebuild their lives and build Jewish community whether they resettle here in North America, in Israel, or return home to Ukraine to create their thriving Jewish community once again. And we Lions, the world’s most dynamic philanthropic women, are joining together to determine how we can best answer that call.

The Lions of Judah have risen to every challenge facing our global peoplehood for the past 50 years – and we’re continuing to do so – together at the 2022 ILOJC!

Join us December 11-13 at the elegant Arizona Biltmore Hotel. Together, we will examine the changing face of our world. Hear from leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Be inspired. Give back. And empower one another to do more.

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