Viva Sarah Press

Viva Sarah Press

Journalist & Speaker

Viva Sarah Press writes and talks about the creativity and innovation taking place in Israel. She has worked as a journalist for more than two decades. Her work covers Israeli ingenuity in all fields -- technology, health, culture, travel, environment and social action. Viva has represented Israel at the CNN International Fellowship and ACS Global Journalist Fellowship.

Over the years, Viva has interviewed dozens of CEOs, CTOs, innovators, creators, and risk-takers from first ideas to successful startups. Viva's work as a journalist nourishes her public speaking career -- she shares exciting tidbits and the stories behind the headlines. Her talks do not represent corporate interests.  

In addition to journalism and speaking, Viva creates content for high-tech firms and educational institutions. She is also learning the art of medical/educational clowning. 
Born and raised in Canada, Viva immigrated to Israel in 1998 and lives with her family in Tel Aviv.

The Amazing Adventures of Three Female Jewish Innovators AM

Monday, January 14
10:45am - 12:15pm

The Amazing Adventures of Three Female Jewish Innovators PM

Monday, January 14
2:30pm - 4:00pm