MK  Ruth Wasserman Lande

MK Ruth Wasserman Lande

Member of Knesset

Ruth Wasserman Lande is an Israeli politician, diplomat and activist. She was a member of the Knesset for the Blue and White party from 2021 until 2022 and also was an MK for the party in early 2021, where she served as the co-chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus.

Prior to her Knesset service, Wasserman Lande served for almost a decade as the Deputy Director General of the Israeli Federation of Local Governments, working with all Israeli Mayors, both Jewish and Arab, throughout the country. She has another decade of prior experience as an Israeli diplomat at the embassy in Cairo, with three of those years as the appointed political and economic advisor to President Shimon Peres, completing her service there as the de facto Deputy Chief of Mission. In 2009, Wasserman Lande founded the Lod Foundation, a charity focused on the development of one of Israel’s poorest mixed Jewish-Arab cities, where she has lived with her husband and three children. She also holds three years of military service as an analyst in Israeli Defense Force intelligence, where she rose to the rank of Captain. Ruth continues to do reserve duty as an analyst in the IDF. Wasserman Lande holds Masters degrees in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Public Administration with a focus in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard University. She speaks Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic.